Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jazzy summer nights on the waterfront in Philly

Every Summer in Philly hundreds of people come out and emerge on the grounds of Penn's landing with chairs in tow to check out smooth jazz that emerges by the waterfront.  It is a free concert full of energy and good music.  This year some of smooth jazz top artists and musicians graced the stage such as Alex Bugnon, Peter White, Najee, and singer/guitarist Jonathan Butler. We had the pleasure of seeing Najee, Jonathan Butler and Alex Bugnon and unfortunately we had to miss Peter White due to another committment.

Penn's Landing

The electricity and energy in the air at these concerts are fantastic. My husband and I are usually not big on doing outdoor free events anywhere, but we will make an exception for smooth jazz, and old school music events. To save money we will bring our own snacks, but there are always vendors around selling your typical American fare as well as beverages.  Security is present but not overbearing, which on one hand I wish they had more of it, but too much of it would certainly spoil the ambiance.  The crowds are huge, you sit where you can; because it is free, you may or may not get to see the stage, but best way to enjoy it is to go with the flow, bring your chairs, find a good spot, sit back and listen!

Jonathan Butler
The crowd at these events are pretty laid back and surprisingly with a wide age range. Many people have been coming for years; a friend that I sometimes see when commuting home from work, it is a annual outing for her and her friends.

All of the musicians we had the pleasure of seeing were outstanding. Alex Bugnon is so very talented and he brings such energy to the stage. I will also be seeing him again in the Fall at the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest with Najee, who was also at Penn's Landing but on a different day from Alex.  I describe Najee as "smooth", very cool and laid back with his Sax but can also electrify an audience until they are on their feet. 

The last artist we saw was Jonathan Butler.  Jonathan has been around for many many years. I remember hearing his music in the 90's and the one song that always stuck in my head when I hear his name is "Sarah Sarah"!  The crowd really adored him, and you could feel the love in the air, it was contagious!

What better way to end a long hot summer and the best part about the concert series at Penn's Landing is every show ends with fireworks. We are looking forward to summer 2014!

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