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Rehoboth Beach hosts a jazzy good time!

April 2013

So I am googling around on the Internet for jazz fest information and stumbled onto news of a CD Release Party in Rehoboth Beach Delaware for jazz musician #Brian Simpson, also featuring musician Art Sherrod Jr.  I also read that if we attended this party we would be able to purchase advance tickets for the October Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival! That was music to my ears, so I told the hubby and much to my surprise he said "buy the tickets for the party and book a hotel"!  I was elated and that is exactly what I did.  I was also surprised that the CD release party was only $10.00 which was easy on the wallet considering we had to book and pay for our overnight hotel stay and budget for spending money, so this was a nice treat as well.

Brian Simpson
Neither one of us knew much about Brian Simpson, and we had never heard of Art Sherrod Jr.  Brian is keyboard and sax, and Art Sherrod is also a sax player.  The venue where this event was held was at Old Bay Restaurant (now called Delaware Distilling Company), and when we first entered, I never would have guessed that this was a place for jazz. I say that because most venues such as restaurants or clubs, we have been to for jazz events were more neutral in color, and the decor fit the style of music.  This place had more of country/western ambiance but surprisingly it all fit together.  What we liked most about it was the size. Not compact but the right size where you really felt like you were at a private event.

What we liked least about this venue (and now that we know what the seating looks like, we will choose a different table when we return), if you pick the booth seats for a show, you are kind of forced to sit with strangers, not that its terribly wrong because meeting new people can make for some of the best times when traveling, however, it's not the best arrangement at a restaurant and you are planning to have dinner during the show; with that being said, it worked out in the end, and for our next visit in October for the annual jazz fest, we choose better seats for the after party shows.

The show was awesome.  Both musicians were amazing, and the up close and personal experience made it even more enjoyable. Brian Simpson literally walked out into the crowds playing his keyboard and this little girl about 10 years old, was really enjoying herself..(great to see someone so young so into his music).

That is what I like most about the smaller venues such as this, the up close and personal experience you get with the musicians and better your chances are (depending on the venue I suppose) to meet and chat with the artists.

Brian Simpson has been around  for many many years. He has toured with well known vocal artists such as Janet Jackson and Sheena Easton, and Jazz artists such as the late great George Duke and Jonathan Butler.

Brian's music is versatile, smooth and often romantic.  He plays the hell out of a keyboard! He goes from a very calm and mellow sound to eccentric and funky without breaking a sweat.

Art Sherrod Jr is also versatile, energetic and fun to watch as he pulls in the crowd.  Although this event was to promote Brian Simpson's CD, Art Sherrod Jr entertained the audience quite well and we look forward to seeing him again at Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest in October.

Art Sherrod Jr

Brian and Art put on a fantastic show and when it all ended, they both hung around to chat & mingle with guests!  Your thoughts and comments are welcome...and thanks for reading my blog!

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