Wednesday, October 30, 2013


So now that I've come down off my jazz festival high, it got me to thinking about how great it would be if I could turn my love of music and travel into my dream job.....hey a girl can dream right?  Well if not my dream job at least afford myself the opportunity to attend as many jazz fest, concerts and events, all while exploring the town that we happen to be in, as time would allow, of course with my hubby in tow and share it all with my readers!  Sounds exhausting doesn't it? but hey, exhausting fun it is!

It's about living life on your terms (within reason) and doing what you love. I love to write and travel. I also love music, and travel doesn't necessarily mean exotic places, it could be a 2 hr car ride away from home, it's all about what you make it.. Combining the two just made sense and so here I am. But who knew I would add smooth jazz to the mix. I did so because we attended quite a bit of events this past year,  I thought to myself why not write about that too. I love telling a story.

Some people just go to these events and then go home, and that is okay, especially if it is in your hometown, but on our last trip to Rehoboth Beach,  we merged our vacation plans with the jazz fest, and it worked out great, especially since neither of  us had been back to RB since the 90's; we got to explore the town and party at the same time!

One of our goals is to attend a jazz event in San Diego in the future, and since neither of us have ever visited SD, this will make for a great theme vacation destination!  Until then, we will go where our wallet tells us, Lol!

People will ask me, "are you a music or travel expert"? and I reply, Heck no, but we are music and travel lovers. I am not writing about jazz or travel from a "technical" perspective, but more so sharing our experiences.

Travel doesn't always mean exotic places, or far away destinations. A person can spend their vacations at a bed and breakfast, relaxing and reading, and enjoy that more than a person who just returned from a trip around the world. "It is never about the destination, but always the journey"..It took me years to understand that, and now I do..

Not everyone is going to agree with what I write, but that is the beauty of sharing your world with others, you take the bitter with the sweet, and if what I share interests other to follow me on this journey, great! if not, such is life!
I should have started this blog a long time ago because hubby and I have been to some really cool places in our 21 years together, but timing is everything and maybe this is my time.  stay tuned......

Are you doing something right now that gives you joy, feeds your soul!

"If you want your life to be a magnificant story, then begin by realizing that you are the author"...Anonymous

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