Monday, October 21, 2013

Jazz meets the late James Brown in Rehoboth!

Saturday, October 19

The late god-father of soul, James Brown spirit was at the beach in Delaware!

Guitarist Nick Colionne hosted a fun filled, sold out event Saturday afternoon at the convention center. With artist such as Alex Bugnon, Marion Meadows, Joey Sommerville, Eric Darius, Matt Marshak, Art Sherrod,  just to name a few, this venue was HOT! Jazz certainly met James with songs like "I got the feeling"; there rendition of this was outstanding and with It's a man's world" the audience were on their feet.

It was a pleasure to see Sheila E, she looked fantastic and she still got plenty of fire. 

Eric Darius, not only is he hot, but in my opinion brings a unique twist when playing his Sax. A little bit of funk, rock & roll, soul and jazz and plenty of energy! Not an easy task but he's got IT and some.

Nick Colionne sure knows how to work a crowd! Each time he came into the audience he got people out of their seats and shaking to the beats. For a very short period, some power was lost and the musicians just came into the audience!  They kept the party going despite the power issue. That's class.

James Brown has passed on but his spirit was surely at this event and I know he would have been proud. Great job Nick!  Maybe next year you can do a Jazz meets Rock and Roll and/or Latin and bring the Escovedo family with you?  That would work! 

Do you have a favorite James Brown song?  your comments are welcome! 



  1. Too many James Brown favorites! I Feel Good, Living in America and Get Up Offa That Thang are three. I'm smiling just typing them.

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for reading and replying to my blog post. Yes, I have a lot of JB favorites too, which is why hubby and I could not pass up attending this show; as I mentioned, they did a fantastic job jazzing up some of JB's most popular songs. But then he had so many! My Mom's favorite was also "I Feel Good"!