Sunday, October 20, 2013

Keiko Matsui, Najee & Alex Bugnon, Oh What a Night It Was!

Oct 18th
Amazing is an understatement describing day two of the festivities at this years jazz fest. From the awesome show featuring Keiko Matsui, Najee and Alex Bugnon and then the after show party at the Delaware Distillery (formely Old Bay Restaurant) Jazz at the beach was rocking!!

Keiko Matsui is a magnificant performer!  She just sends chills throughout your body as she plays her instruments. There were people there who were seeing her for the first time and there was one couple sitting behind us who were mesmerized by her beauty and talent. She received an emotional standing ovation and I could see the tears forming in eyes. She was so moved by the crowds love for her she came off stage into the audience with her keyboard, awesome!

Najee, what can I say, this man has skills beyond your imagination with a saxophone. Teaming up with Alex Bugnon just added more magic to the music they entertained the audience with. From Najee entering the auditorium and playing in the audience and then being literally steps from our seats,  I knew we were in for a treat.

Najee has a fantastic band and his base player Odell is full of fire and energy.  What this young man can do as a bassist is nothing short of electrifying!  He truly feels every beat and sound and knows how to entertain his audience and I say "his audience" because he owned it. Najee performed a special tribute to the late great George Duke that was to beautiful and fitting for such a legend in music. 

Unfortunately we had to leave towards the end of this show because we had another after show gig to attend at the Delaware Distillery featuring Marion Meadows and Joey Somerville. We didn't want to be too late because although our seats were reserved at a table for 7 we wanted a good view. About 90 minutes into the show when we thought things were about to wrap up, in walks Najee and a few of his band members!! I was beyond excited especially after leaving his show earlier. The highlight for us was a brief chat with him, Marion Meadows and of course a photo op. I will post that later. Overall it was an awesome night. Stay tuned for day 3 highlights.  Your comments are always welcome.


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