Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jazzing it up Motown Style at the Museum

Who knew Jazz could sound so good when playing the sounds of Motown? Well it sure did at the
#African American Museum in Philadelphia, this past spring. Hubby and I had the pleasure of grooving to the sounds of the Supremes and other great Motown artists, and it was a great time, with an awesome band.

The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble have been around for many years, but we never got a chance to see them live until now! They were at the Museum during the Mary Wilson Supreme Collections exhibit which was also something to see. All the beautiful gowns and outfits that the singers wore during their hey day made the show even more special for us.

The band was superb in their jazzy renditions of some of Motown's most popular songs. With Roy Richardson and Patricia Scott singing vocals to the many tunes, just added more pizazz to the bands already great sound.  We are looking forward to seeing this group again soon. We have been to several jazz events at the AA museum, and we are hoping there will be more to come as this is a great place for entertainment as well as the option of visiting the many museum exhibits that are showcased throughout the year.

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African American Museum - Philadelphia, PA

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