Saturday, December 21, 2013

"In My Listening Booth" with Kristine W! "Straight Up With A Twist"

Sultry, seductive, upbeat, feisty are just a few words to describe the soulful jazzy sounds of Kristine W.  Ronald Jackson, CEO and Chief Editor at told me about her and so I wanted to check her out myself and wow, this woman is just awesome! I have listened to my share of solo female jazz artists over the years, and I have to admit, I have never heard anyone quite like her.  I have what I call a "funny" ear when it comes to vocal jazz, because I much prefer the instrumentals, but when someone sounds like Kristine, I pay much closer attention. With her one and only CD of this kind titled, "Straight Up With A Twist" it is so full of romance, intrigue, love, heartache, and sophistication. This is a CD set of 2, but I prefer part one.  I always think of jazz, instrumental and vocal, as an acquired taste, such as anyone who enjoys Sushi. This CD would make for great music at a intimate dinner party.  Enjoy!

Check out a full, more in depth review with samples of her music at

One of my favorites

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