Monday, January 20, 2014

"In My Listening Booth" with REMY SHAND

"In the Air of the Night" that is the song I thought of while I was looking for any new music by Remy Shand. I know he didn't sing this song, which is a Phil Collins tune,  but I thought of it, because it seems like Remy was here one day with great new music and suddenly he was gone "In the Air of the Night".

How often does someone come along like Remy and gives you music for the soul? Not often and that's exactly what he did in 2002, when we were introduced to his CD "The Way I Feel"..In my opinion, before there was a Robin Thicke, there was Remy Shand.  Straight out of Winnipeg, Canada, this young man did for the R&B sound what was needed, because so many artists had either passed on, left the music scene altogether or the fire was just lost, at least it was for me.

What I liked most about him - he did not come with a entourage, or a GQ style persona, he just came with his good looks, music and soulful sounds. He gave you that sort of, off the beaten path, jazz/blues club impression where, if you were just hanging out with friends, or your significant other, and you wanted to stop at a local spot for a few cocktails, there would be Remy Shand, piping out one of my favorites songs by him, "Take A Message" or "The Way I Feel".

Some artists thrive for the big stage, where thousands of sweaty fans are throwing themselves into a frenzy, but sometimes that is not where you get the best performance from an artist. Often times it's in a supper club, or small music hall, where guests are there for dinner or drinks, a good show and maybe some room for dancing,  Up close and personal performances, and there you have the likes of Remy Shand, Kem, India Arie, or Maxwell and many more like them,

I know crazy things can and do happen in the music industry, and artists have their lives to live while making a career for themselves, but there are so many who embrace us with their unique style of music and then vanish. But here is a guy who not only writes his own music, but also plays his own instruments! Seriously?  Did you gasp? I sure did when I read that.

Where is he you ask?  I've been asking that very same question for awhile now, and rumor has it, he is back in the studio..Emphasis on rumor.  However,  I researched and found a few articles such as this one,

I also did a search on YouTube and found a few things here and there from him; There is a video where he is performing live (from the looks of it, he could be in his studio) and the song is titled "Killing Fields" and it sounds really good;  I sure hope he is working on a new CD and will once again give us the pleasure of hearing his soulful voice again.  Remy if you just happen to read this, We're waiting!

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