Saturday, January 25, 2014

"In My Pursuit Of" - Cruising The Jazz Scene, Literally....

So far in this life,  I have been on 4 cruises, and although I have enjoyed every one of them, I have yet to indulge in a Smooth Jazz Cruise!  All that talent and music at sea for an entire week sounds like my kind of party and of course with stops along the way to visit some of the Caribbeans most beautiful islands or perhaps even the Mexican Riviera, what more do I need.  When I first started hearing about jazz cruises, and did some research, the first thing I thought after seeing the prices, "wow, this is expensive" but then it occurred to me, look at all that is included. Aside from the fabulous food and world class service, these unique cruises are filled with some of the best musicians in the business, entertaining you nonstop day and night.  The meet and greets, photo opportunities, jam sessions, it literally sounds like a larger than life jazz club with great food and music all under one roof at sea!

Ronald Jackson, President and Chief Editor at +The Smooth Jazz Ride  just returned from the 2014 Smooth Jazz Cruise and wrote such an amazing review, it was easy for me to imagine myself right there.  From the time he arrived and throughout his journey on the ship, you could feel the energy from the excited guests and artists/musicians that he writes about. Just imagine smooth, contemporary, Latin, or vocal jazz, and more all on one ship, out at sea for 7 nights.  The smooth sounds of Boney James, the always inspiring and magical performances by Keiko Matsui, the energetic Latin rhythms of Ms. Sheila E, or funky grooves from guitarists such as Johnathan Butler and Marcus Miller, it can't get any better!

I sure imagined it, and found myself as I was reading his review,  just as excited and energized as he must have been writing it; But then that is the beauty of writing about your adventures, you get to re-live it all over again when you tell your story.  So until I sail the high seas again in pursuit of smooth jazz, good food and beautiful ports of call, and of course eagerly share my experience with you, check out this fantastic review for yourself, and who knows maybe you too will be planning your next Smooth Jazz Cruise!

The Smooth Jazz Cruise 2014 In Review - ENJOY!

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