Saturday, February 22, 2014

"In My Pursuit of" - A Weekend Of Doing Absolutely Nothing

There are those weekends that come along, where you really just want to kick back, relax, read a good book or magazine, and of course listen to some great music.  I find myself in this type of mood more often than not.  Throughout the course of my work week I hear snippets of conversations throughout each day from co-workers who say how busy there weekend was or will be; whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, kid activities or some other event that will keep them busy for 2 straight days and even when I think about my own happenings that I have going on, I am so grateful that I have come to a place in my life, where I value my weekends for more than just a "To Do List".

Of course weddings, family events, household chores are apart of everyday life, but I realize that every weekend does not have to be filled with things to do, just because it is the weekend.  Not everyone (especially those with kids) have the luxury of putting things off, but since hubby and I do have that luxury, it is exactly what we do.  We will do laundry during the work week,  so its not staring us in the face on the weekend. I once heard someone say, they could not sit just around on the weekends doing nothing, it was a waste of time when there is so much to do.  I literally cringed and said to myself, I do not ever want to utter those words.

Just this past weekend, Hubby and I had nothing planned, no events to attend, so we decided we were going to kick back in pajamas as our 2 day wardrobe and just wing it at home.  2 days of good music, reading material, food, movies and bliss.  Saturday morning started with listening to smooth jazz, while I make my nice cup of black tea or chai with honey and lemon, cinnamon toast, with eggs and cheese, or just a simple bowl of cereal. Hubby's breakfast consisting of a fruit smoothie. Back to lounging in bed with reading material, and jazz softly playing in the background; as the day progresses, We go from one relaxing activity to another, until night falls, eagerly looking forward to doing it all again the next day.

TV is really not my friend on the weekends, Hubby is the movie buff, but sometimes we will just have music playing all weekend long, or since Netflix has become our new friend, lounging on a Sunday, while watching a good documentary or movie, beats the heck out of doing laundry any day.  Also the weather could be absolutely gorgeous outside, but If my or his weekend plans consists of total laziness and bliss, enjoying the indoors suits us just fine.  Home can actually become your destination.

Now that our children are grown and out of the house, we feel as if we earned these lazy, blissful days of doing absolutely nothing.  No little league game to attend; no visits to the zoo or play day in the park; no house filled with loud mouth teenagers; But most importantly, using our weekends to do whatever we please, even if that means absolutely nothing is a reward in itself.

We have such a busy year ahead of us, these "do nothing" weekends are a treat.

Do you have those weekends where you just do whatever you please, even if that means nothing at all?  or are you one of those people who needs to have your weekends filled with a "To Do List"?

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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