Sunday, March 30, 2014

In My Listening Booth - Pharrell Williams

Every so often a song comes along that just grabs your attention, holds on to you and never lets you go! That is the feeling I get every time I hear the ever popular, fun loving, energetic and motivating song, "Happy" by Pharrell.  This young man literally created a movement with a song that does not belittle or degrade a human being.  

This one song has done what so many often struggle to do, or unfortunately will never do, capture a audience from all walks of life.  Young, old, rich, poor, blue collar, white collar, different races and religions. It really reminds me of the multi-talented collaboration of "We Are The World", with the late Michael Jackson.  That song spread like wild flower and was heard across the oceans, and the song "Happy" is doing exactly that.  

It's just a feel good kind of tune, that no matter what you are going through in life, no matter how you are feeling today, or what is going on around you,  hear this song on the radio, or play it on your personal device or at home, and it puts you in a whole other frame of mind.  A better frame of mind.  No, it may not take the problem away, but it can change your thoughts. It puts you in a mood called "Happy", and who doesn't want that feeling.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"In My Pursuit Of" The Perfect Escape

I have always thought of vacation planning just as exciting as embarking on the trip itself. The research, choosing a place to stay, activities, can be quite fun, but every now and then, you want to just pack a small bag and escape for a day or two all within a short drive from home. What better way to do that than a staycation or what I like to call "The Perfect Escape”.  

About a month ago, we received a postcard in the mail for a upcoming RV show about 45 minutes from our town. My hubby is a huge RV fan, and when he suggested that we attend this event, I knew following that would be, find a hotel.  This could have very well been just a day trip, but we used it as the perfect opportunity for a overnight getaway. 

Sometimes we will spontaneously decide a week or two before, to just find a hotel under 2 hrs drive, and getaway for a day or two.  But it can be just as enjoyable when their is an event or something going on that adds a fun activity to your stay.

A few of our must haves when booking a place for a short stay, indoor or outdoor pool depending on the weather, a hotel bar for a nightcap, and a nice restaurant within a few minutes of the hotel or if the hotel restaurant serves breakfast & dinner that is fine too. We find when booking our stays, smaller boutique style inns may not offer full service restaurants.
For this escape, we settled on a stay at the Hilton Garden Inn and offered everything we wanted, and even better, we got a good deal using our AAA membership and upgraded to a one bedroom suite.  Now normally we would not select a suite for a 1 night stay, but with such a good rate it worked out great.  It was definitely like a mini home away from home.  

I remember reading a quote that went something like, “The hotel can sometimes become the destination” and in this case, it did!  

 After attending the RV show, and hanging around for about 3 hours viewing the different styles of campers, and having lunch, the remainder of our day was spent at the hotel. This was a very attractive place, with an inviting common area, nice staff, lively lobby bar, indoor pool with spa and our suite was sleek and modern with 2 flat screen TV’s!.  What more could we ask for?

But the real beauty in a stay like this, no housekeeping to do, no beds to make, someone there to make us a great breakfast, a relaxing evening with cocktails, meeting new and interesting people, a dip in the pool and soaking in the hot tub!  

It really makes that junk mail go from boring to interesting! 
Look before you throw it out, your next escape could be a postcard away!