Saturday, August 16, 2014

Date night with my hubby and saxophonist Marion Meadows

There is nothing more romantic than hanging out with your significant other,  and watching a musician play his or her saxophone, and if the music is equally as good, it makes it even sweeter.

While browsing my news feeds and checking my email, I learned that saxophonist Marion Meadows would be in my town at Warmdaddy's restaurant on Columbus Blvd in Philly, Friday, August 15th.  This was also the same night we were planning to attend the free summer jazz concert at Penn's Landing; There was no hesitation on my part; I called the husband, and said, "honey change of plans, we got a date night with Marion Meadows".

We chose the first set at 7:30pm so we could have dinner while we enjoyed the show.  Warmdaddy's has been around for quite some time and locally known for their southern cuisine and great music.  Since changing their location, the nostalgia is gone from the old bluesy decor and style at its former home, but many loyal people still flock to their new home for the food, drinks and of course the music.

If I had to change one thing it would be the modern decor, but I still like coming here when I can.

Marion Meadows is as sexy as he is talented. His petite but well toned, manly frame fits him so well.  His music is a mix of sensual, upbeat, soul and a hint of soft rock. He plays his saxophone like he's married to it, and that is not a bad thing. He touched on some of and his old and new music, and in between wowing the crowd he spoke a few words about his love of Philly.

The last time I saw Marion play was at the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest 2013. During this event he was a part of entourage of other musicians, playing a variety of different instruments and tunes. At Warmdaddy's it was quite different because he played his own music.

That is one of the things I love most about small venues like Warmdaddy's. You get that up close and personal feeling of being one on one with the musician.  You are only hearing their music, and if you have favorites from their CD's, you may not hear what you want, but it also may expose you to something new. After his first set, he came into the crowd and spoke to people and just as I was leaving the ladies room, I was going to tell him how much I enjoyed his show and his new CD, Black Pearl, but a few ladies snatched him up so quick for pictures, I didn't stand a chance.  All is well. There is always a next time, and I am looking forward to seeing him perform again.  Thanks for the date night Marion!

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