Saturday, November 1, 2014

In My Listening Booth - Guitarist Marc Antoine

The sound of music with a latin vibe can really take your mind, body and soul to a whole other place than where you are at this moment.  A seaside villa in a small town in Italy, lounging on a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic, or cruising on a yacht in the Mediterranean, that is where my mind goes when I am listening to the sounds of a guitar played by Marc Antoine.

I had the pleasure of seeing him live at the Rehoboth beach jazz festival. He just stole the show for me.  He was in some great company too; Boney James and Brian Simpson who both I adore, but Marc was simply fantastic.

Not only does he have a great personality and seems to be very humble when greeted by his audience, but his personality shines through his music.

He plays his guitar effortlessly and with such poise and constraint, but at the same time really makes you feel the music.

With another great addition to my music playlist, I am looking forward to hearing more from the smooth acoustic sounds of Marc Antoine.

Are you a fan of Marc Antoine's music? What are some of your favorite tunes by him?

One of my favorites

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