Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Favorite Jazzy Entertainer Of 2014

My hubby and I have covered a lot of jazz concerts in 2014, and we had a really great time being entertained by some of the best in the business. There is one particular artist that I am personally nominating as "entertainer of the year" and that is none other than, who I like to call, "Cool as a Cucumber" Mr. Nick Colionne.

He is well known for his badness with a guitar and his unique, smooth stylish wardrobe, but I admire him most for his ability to engage with his audience. If you have never been to a Nick Colionne concert, I suggest you treat yourself in 2015 and see him perform live.  Not only is he fun and entertaining, but he loves to take pictures and mingle with his fans.  Not only does he mingle after the show, but during the show, he comes into the audience and will literally get people out of their seats to party!

With so many artists in the music business along with their entourage and tight security, the chances of getting a picture taken with them or even having a conversation is pretty much impossible.  That is what sets jazz musicians apart from mainstream artists. Many of them will engage their fans, pictures and all.

At the 4 day Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest this past October, Nick performed several times, including his after party at the Rusty Rudder, and the major event at the convention center, where after the show, he was out and about talking and mingling with his fans; With all the hustle and bustle going, I managed to sneak a selfie with him, and without hesitation he gave a friendly smile for my phone camera.  What a class act he is; He definitely did not miss his calling in life, and I look forward to seeing him perform again in 2015.

Check out Mr Colionne live in action! Smooth.

My Selfie with Nick at the 2014 Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest!  My smooth jazz buddy!

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