Monday, December 22, 2014

"My Music Den" - The Late George Howard

Who doesn't love the sound of a saxophone. I know I do and I love it even more when the music coming from it, is not only smooth and sexy but almost spiritual.  That is what I hear when I am listening to the sounds of the late great George Howard. His time on this earth was short, but he left such a profound impact on the music world, and more specifically jazz.

George Howard is from an Era when some of the best music was heard in nightclubs, house parties, and live concerts. From the 70's through the early 90's no matter where you ended up on a Friday or Saturday night, the food would be flowing, people mingling and most importantly great music.  I came to know George Howard's music at a house party.  I grew up with friends who almost every weekend, there was a get together at someones house and one particular friend always played a nice mix of Oldies, R&B and Jazz.  When I first heard "Love Will Follow" I fell in love with the sound and vibe of this song.

When my friend told me it was George Howard, his music has been a staple on my playlist ever since.  He, like myself, was a Philly native, where music was the cornerstone of our city.  Many artists got their start right here.  Unfortunately I never got to see George perform live, but I can only imagine that he was awesome.

Interestingly, not only could he play his saxophone well, he was a very good singer. When I first heard "Cross your Mind" I was in awe of his talent and even more so when I realized he was actually singing the lyrics. Not many jazz musicians will or can do that.

He died a young man, in his prime, and it sometimes saddens me that we will never know what else he had in store for us to hear. However, his short time here was not wasted.  Just maybe this is what he was sent here to do. Delight us with his gift of music. After all music is like food for the soul. Artists like George Howard are the chefs filling our plates with smooth sounds and funky rhythms.

Many artists of the 70's, 80's and 90's Era had a loyal following, waiting patiently for their new album to be released; It would be as many 5 or 6 songs if not more, on one album that were hits, compared to today, when millions of people will download a popular song by an artist, but lose interest when a knew kid is on the block with a hit song. But then you have artists who have fans with longevity and loyalty. 10, 20, 30 years from now, fans of George Howard will continue to enjoy and appreciate his music and I will be right there with them.

Rest In Peace George, Job well done.

One of my favorites by the Late George Howard
"Love Will Follow"

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