Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Life Well Read

I have always found it fascinating how much you can learn from reading a book or a great article.

I have been an avid reader since my teens; I slacked off a bit here and there through the years, but a book was always within my reach. Now with all the new technology (the Kindle, Nook and other E-readers), so many more books are at my disposal in a very convenient way.  I have vowed to not let life get in the way of my reading.

I remember reading years ago how the late Malcolm X educated himself by reading. Who knew that a man who spoke with such intelligence, never went to college and only finished Jr high school. However, through his love of books, he was self taught. He learned by reading, it opened his mind to a world he never knew existed, and by that he was able to shape himself into the man he became.

On this 50th anniversary of his assassination I reflected on Malcolm, his life and his ability to rise above adversity, racism and bigotry all through reading.  I have read so many books over the years, some I still have, others I passed on to friends and family.

One of the great things about books, they are so many genres of them. Fiction, non-fiction, historical, literature, travel, auto-biographies, and the list just goes on.  If there was ever a love of something that I am grateful to have, it is the love of books and music.

As I reflect on the often misunderstood but extraordinary life of the late Malcolm X, If there was one person I would love to have a conversation with about his life and to ask what were some of his most memorable books, it would be Malcolm.

Have you read a book that literally changed your life or way of thinking about life?

"I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity — because you can hardly mention anything I’m not curious about."  
Malcolm X