Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Art and the sounds of Creole Soul in Philadelphia

I have never been a fan of birthday parties for myself, whether it was given by someone else, or me. Many people love parties and that's great because it makes the event more magical for the guest of honor and his or her friends and family.

Every day should be lived as if it were your birthday, and cliche as it sounds, its true, although not everyone celebrates it, and that is fine too; I get tons of email on a weekly basis because I like staying in the know of all arts and cultural things happening in my city and beyond. I keep birthdays, anniversaries and other celebratory holidays, intimate and personal with either alone if I choose to do so, or with my hubby, friends, and/or family.

Two events were happening that peaked our interest and both just happened to be during my birthday weekend. No party planning needed, it was all done for, well sort of.

The Barnes Museum which opened here in Philly in 2012, started their First Fridays event series in June and it runs until August. The first Friday in June featured Trinidadian jazz trumpeter, Etienne Charles along with his band members who are from the states.

What a great show, and having it at the Barnes Museum made for the perfect intimate backdrop. This museum is stunning, and the art work from what we were able to see that particular night, is very nice. I have heard creole soul on the radio, but never heard it played live. Etienne Charles and his band set the mood for the perfect evening.The crowd was a great mix, mature, and all were there for a good time. A bar was also set up for cocktails along with appetizers. There were even a few children there with their parents, and even they were feeling the rhythm of this awesome sound.

If you have never listened to creole and/or caribbean music, do yourself a favorite indulge it a little and while your at it, check out trumpeter Etienne Charles, he's great! It was a fabulous start to my birthday weekend.

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